The provincial immigration program to Canada

In Canada, as a rapidly growing country, there is always a great demand for specialists in various fields of expertise. Therefore, the government stimulates and encourages the immigration of citizens of other countries who can help the development of economy, science, and culture through their knowledge and experience.

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world that has a huge territory with very different geographical characteristics of their regions. In some provinces, mining industry is highly developed, in others – agriculture, in the third – the industry itself.

The constant progress of the economy depends on the development of industry and national resources, such as minerals, renewable energy, forest, agricultural land and fishing area.

Now in Canada, only about 8% of the territory is used for agriculture, with a quarter of the land is used for crop production, and the rest – for the livestock and poultry industries. In turn, the mining industry provides the raw materials for the industry, stimulating its active development.

All these factors contribute to the expansion of industrial, construction and agricultural industries, which ultimately leads to an increased demand in the labor market and to local employment.

Due to geographical and cultural differences in each of the provinces, there are its own specific requirements for immigrants, due to the peculiarities of the economy and culture of each region. Therefore, in Canada, there is Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) that allows local authorities to set their own criteria that are relevant to the peculiarities of the development of a province.

Provincial Nominee Program PNP allows potential immigrants, who, for any reasons, did not satisfy the criteria of the Federal program, to come live and work in a particular province if their skills meet local, other than the federal requirements. In fact, the Provincial Nominee Program expands opportunities for many people to immigrate to Canada and obtain permanent resident status.

The procedure provides that if you apply for immigration on Provincial Nominee Program, it would be considered exactly by the criteria for a particular province. The applications of those candidates who meet these requirements receive a so-called nomination, which gives the applicant the right to apply to the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permanent resident status.

The PNP provincial program involving all ten provinces and one territory – Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.

If you are interested in Provincial Nominee Program, and you are interested in what region your abilities would be the most efficient, please contact us, we would give detailed information on each of the provinces, answer all your questions, and help you to get the documents.