Express Entry

Immigrating to Canada via Express Entry

To fast-track the process of assessing applications to immigrate to Canada or obtain an indefinite leave to remain (a residence permit), in 2015 the Canadian government introduced the Express Entry Program.

The program is based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) designed to assess candidates’ eligibility in rounds which typically take place once every two months. In each round, between 700 and 1,500 candidates are invited to apply. Each round has its own minimum number of points required for eligibility. This number depends on a round’s average score.

Additionally, your participation in Comprehensive Ranking for Express Entry means that your details will be entered into Job Bank, which is Canada’s nationwide job hunting service, giving you an opportunity to find an employer in Canada and score 600 extra points, which will almost certainly guarantee you an invitation to move.

Please bear in mind that having a job offer from a specific employer is not necessary to participate in the program.

Express Entry is not a new immigration program as such, but rather a new application method allowing applicants to more quickly navigate through the bureaucracy of existing immigration programs, such as FSWP and FSTP (both federal programs), the Foreign Workers and Students Program, and Provincial Nominee Programs.

The idea of Express Entry is that candidates are assessed against a number of criteria, allowing them to score points. Those who score more than the round minimum get a pass and receive an invitation to immigrate to Canada.

The main drawback of the old immigration system which was in place up until 2015 was the limited list of in-demand professions, which is why from 2015 onwards the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration allowed Canadian employers and the job market to determine the expertise they currently need the most.

How Express Entry is different:

– An unlimited list of eligible professions for the Federal Program.

– No quotas for selected professions.

– No annual caps on immigration applications.

– Initial applications are reviewed as soon as possible.

– You can edit your details between the primary and the secondary review of your application.

– When applying, candidates are simultaneously registered with the Job Bank database.

– All applicable fees are paid only once you have successfully qualified.

Points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) are allocated based on a number of criteria from four groups of parameters: education, professional skills, and work experience; your spouse’s education and fluency in English or French; the potential and relevance of your skills in Canada; and extra points for having a job offer from a Canada-based employer and/or a nomination from a province. The maximum number of points one can score (including spouse’s points) is 1,200.

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, do get in touch and we will guide you through all the details and stumbling blocks, provide a comprehensive list of required documents, and answer your questions.