Canada’s Federal Immigration Program

In order to attract to Canada, a dynamically developing country that is constantly in need of human resources, highly qualified specialists with higher education and work experience, the Canadian government has established a Federal Immigration Program that is called the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The main objective of this program is attracting professionals in various areas, such as high technology, management, finance, medicine, science, industry and others.

The Federal Program that has been in place for over ten years was amended in 2015 expanding the possibilities for immigration to Canada. The program is currently carried out through the Express Entry system that allows to select candidates based on the Points System of complex selection, with no reference to the list of required occupations. This means that anyone who’s interested can submit documents for immigration irrespectively of his or her occupation.

Candidates’ chances of getting a positive decision depend on how many points they are awarded. However, besides the awarded points, candidates must satisfy a number of obligatory criteria, such as to have a solid knowledge of at least one of the two official languages (English, French), be in a good state of health, and have no criminal record. Additionally, candidates must possess a certain amount of financial means enabling them to support themselves in Canada in the early days of their stay.

It is important to remember that a positive decision on the immigration application is greatly affected by a human factor, since the final decision is made by a human being; an immigration officer. It is therefore extremely important that all the documents are prepared flawlessly and professionally in order to minimize reasons for refusal.

Immigration officers always consider each candidate individually and are entitled to make decisions in some way departing from the established criteria, in any direction. That is, an immigration officer might disregard the fact that the candidate lacks points provided that the candidate has good prospects to develop. However, there is also a downside of this; a candidate who formally meets all the requirements may be refused.

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