Just arrived in Canada. What to do in the first few weeks?

After receiving an immigrant visa, you arrive in Canada. First of all, in an arrival place apply for a Permanent Residence Card (PRC), which is sent for review to Sydney, the Center of proceeding in applications. You will be able to get this card personally, usually after 3 months, in the near to your place of residence Canadian immigration center.

You need somewhere to stay temporarily, that is, to find accommodation. Review ads or ask friends (if you have them). In addition, in Canada, there are so-called Resettlement Houses, where you can stay for up to one month, and the cost is not high, and include meals.

Learn more about the city, where you have stopped: study the map of the city, learn about the routes of public transport, get a telephone directory, which, among other things, has a so-called blue pages, on which the coordinates of all the government services indicated, including your nearest Canadian immigration center, in which you need to get two cards immediately – Social Insurance Number Card and Health Insurance Card.

Why is it important and should be done immediately? Social Insurance Number Card is almost the most important document in Canada for you. It is impossible to get a job without it, get social pensions and benefits, and open a bank account.

Health Insurance Card is no less important document. Both you and every member of your family should have it. The point is that in Canada – free health services, that is, your treatment is paid from the budget, using taxes. That is the reason why Health Insurance Card is one of the main identity documents. Since the procedure to get it may take three months, for this period get insurance coverage in an insurance company (find in yellow pages of a telephone directory).

If you are going to buy products, essential goods, clothing, remember that in most Canadian stores there are single checkouts at the exit. That is, on the principle of a supermarket, you select all the desired items, and pay the cost at the exit. At a checkout, you will be sure to get a check.

And the most important thing you need in the first days of stay in welcoming Canada: do not be afraid of anything, do not hesitate to ask for help.

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