You have been living in Canada for already more than a month. What is next?

Well, you have got all the necessary documents (or the confirmation that you will receive them soon). What should you do in the nearest few months?

Register in Immigrant Aid Society. You can ask them almost any questions. You will not be refused in consultation.

If your English or French is not very good (it is so in most of the cases), you necessarily have to go on foreign languages courses for immigrants (program LINC, CLIC in Quebec). The centers of LINC exist in all major cities. You will be signed up for courses exactly of your level of knowledge after testing language skills.

Open a bank account. You will need passport, National Insurance number and Confirmation of Permanent Residence form – IMM 5292.

Acquire a family physician. Do not forget to take a Health Insurance card for the first meeting with him.

It is time to acquire permanent housing and to set the phone.

If you have children, you still have some procedures.

Children should be placed in a school. Contact the Board of Education Division to do that – telephone directory will help you – and your child will be assigned for the place and date of an examination in English or French and Mathematics. Take a birth certificate, passport, IMM 5292, documents with grades from a former school and their translation into English besides your child :-). You will also need a medical card with information about vaccinations. You can check the availability of all required vaccinations, which your child has, in the department of Immuzation in polyclinics (white pages of the phone book).

In addition, take note of important information about tax exemptions.

The Government of Canada enact Canada Child Tax Benefit in 1993, which is paid (and is not taxed) to law-income families with underage children. The measure of such an allowance depends on the level of family income and does not exceed 1,228 Canadian dollars a month. Contact Immigrant Aid Society, you will be told about what you will need for registration of such a benefit.

GST (Goods and Services Tax, the government tax on almost all the types of goods and service) operates in Canada. Law-income families can register the GST Credit – partial or full compensation of this tax. To register GST Credit, contact Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, you will need to fill in and send there a special form – Form RC151.