Studying in Canada as a step towards immigration.

Canada provides the opportunity for all interested persons to experience one of the best education systems in the world. Its main unique feature is the blend of the British education system with elements of the one implemented in the US, which allows to combine academic quality and course interactivity for the optimization of the process. Today, over 100 colleges and universities, many of which trace their history back to the late 17th century, open their doors to beginner professionals.

The global fame of Canadian education institutions allows students to obtain great references and recommendations, while a diploma of international standards provides them with the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. In particular, recent graduates can obtain an open work permit for up to 3 years for full-time work and work experience in all provinces of the country. Given that Canada is a bilingual country, the courses in each province can be taught in French or, more often, in English.

For prospective immigrants wishing to change their profession, or for those without one, this is the perfect opportunity to acquire a high quality education and simultaneously increase the number of points for immigration. For the regulation of the labor market and for providing the country with qualified specialists, Canada offers its foreign students a loyalty program.

The immigration politics have created the following convenient conditions:

– the ability to travel to Canada with family for married couples and couples in a civil partnership
– the provision of free public schools for the student’s children
– the opportunity to acquire an open working visa for both spouses with the right to work in any chosen field, which facilitates the financial aspect of their stay in the country
– the ability to acquire a working visa for work experience or full-time work for another 2-3 years
– after several years of working using the working visa, one has the opportunity to apply for a residence permit using the simpler Express Entry method via the foreign worker and student program (CEC).

Canadian colleges and universities are among the most prestigious and respected educational institutions in the world. Tuition ranges between 8,000 and 40,000 Canadian dollars, which is much lower than that of the other English-speaking countries—the US and the UK. Another distinctive feature of Canadian education is an almost full subsidy from the state: about 90% of the funding of educational institutions comes from the government, so most of the taxes paid by the citizens go directly towards improving education.

The level of education is undoubtedly one of the most important indicators of the development of Canada as a country designed for a calm and secure life.