Provincial program of immigration to Nova Scotia.

Following a lengthy break, Nova Scotia is reopening its doors to future Canadians. To improve its immigration practices, the province has introduced a new program, Labor Market Demand. Below are the new selection criteria:

1. Age: 21 to 55 years old.
2. Fluency in English: an intermediate level in IELTS or some other exam.
3. Work experience: two years of professional experience from the list of eligible occupations, from the last five years.
4. Education: at least one year of education after high school.
5. Funding: must have sufficient funds (depending on the size of the family).
6. Action plan: a candidate must do a thorough study of living conditions in Nova Scotia and submit a filled in Employment and Adaptation Plan outlining how they can benefit Canada’s economy, job market, and society.

When applying, you do not have to have a full-time employment contract with your prospective employer in the province. But to qualify as a new Canadian, you must find a relevant job from the list below.

In-demand Occupations for Nova Scotia

– Practicing nurses
– Head nurses and managers
– Healthcare managers
– Licensed practical nurses
– Doctors
– GPs and family doctors
– Medical laboratory technologists and pathologists’ assistants

Technology and Engineering:
– Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians
– Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians
– Systems testing technicians
– Engineering technologists
– Manufacturing engineers, technologists, and technicians
– Computer engineers
– Electrical and electronic engineers
– Mechanical engineers
– Industrial and manufacturing engineer
– Programming engineers and software developers
– Technical support engineers

– Claims adjusters and insurance claims officers

– Welders
– Mechanics
– Heating mechanics / pipefitters
– Sheet metal workers

Finance and Analytics:
– Financial auditors and accountants
– Information system analytics and consultants

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada under this or some other program, feel free to contact us.